Kick off online meeting/webinar




Join us for the first online meeting of our newly founded Mastermind group for leaders, dedicated to expat leaders and CEOs operating within the Czech Republic. 

This introductory session is your opportunity to explore the concept of Mastermind groups, designed to empower leaders through shared knowledge and collective growth.


✅  Learn about the Mastermind approach and its benefits for leaders.
✅  Network with fellow business leaders from various sectors.
✅  Decide if our monthly Mastermind meetings align with your goals.

Who should attend:

  • expat CEOs, directors, C-level managers leading teams in the Czech Republic

Event Details:

Date:  13th March 2024 

Time:   9.30 - 11.30 AM (Prague) 

Location: ZOOM (Link provided upon registration)

Free, but registration is required due to limited spaces. For registration use the link below.

Joining the Mastermind for Leaders offers you a unique opportunity to move beyond the isolation often felt in leadership roles, especially in a foreign cultural setting. If you're navigating the complexities of leading a team in the Czech Republic and seeking a community that understands the nuances of your challenges, this is the place for you.


  • Connect with Peers: Engage with fellow expat leaders who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of leading in the Czech Republic.
  • Gain Valuable Insights: Benefit from the collective wisdom of a diverse group, sharing experiences, strategies, and best practices.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive nuanced, practical advice from Simona Bodláková, an experienced leader in steering Mastermind groups, team development, and leadership excellence.
  • Drive Personal and Professional Growth: Enhance your leadership skills, expand your network, and discover innovative solutions to drive your team and business forward.


Envision 10 individuals, each with at least a decade of experience from a diverse range of sectors, coming together around a single table to establish a mastermind group. They make their collective experiences, viewpoints, and expertise available to one another. In that instant, every member of the group gains access to a centenary reservoir of wisdom to tap into.

SIMONA BODLÁKOVÁ - founder of Mastermind for leaders

"The role of a leader can be very demanding and lonely. We work under great pressure, bear the responsibility for results and our people, and our problems and challenges are understood by few.

A Mastermind group of people who lead similarly sized companies will help you share experiences and gain valuable advice from people who know what business is about."

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